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#SfN14 highlights: the best burger at the SfN

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Let’s get straight to business: the best burger at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting, when it is held in Washington DC like this year, is served meters away from the Convention center, in a dark, narrow bar recalling the ones that you can find all over Brooklyn: The Passenger. It’s just the right size, with two thin patties that are cooked medium-rare, american cheese sandwiched between them (I think), grilled onions, lettuce, and a special sauce. You get something that reminded me of the burger at Five Guys, but much more hand-crafted, while still keeping that fast-food burger satisfying taste. It comes with a pickle spear and potato chips (get the salt-and-vinegar flavor!). At $14, it’s quite expensive, but that burger really delivers.

Materials and Methods: The Passenger is in fact the only place I’ve eaten a burger in Washington, but if I can get an even better one anywhere near the Convention center, I’ll happily retract the present publication.

Now that I know where to satisfy my burger cravings in both DC and San Diego (that most welcoming city is the home of the best burger I’ve ever had, at Hodad’s), all I need is to find a place to go in Chicago and I’ll be covered for many SfN’s to come. Tips anyone?


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